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May 2014

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Start Planting the Following Vegetables Now For A Great Harvest!

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1.  Beets
2.  Broccoli
3.  Brussel Sprouts
4.  Carrots
5.  Cauliflower
6.  Eggplant
7.  Kale
8.  Kohlrabi
9.  Leeks
10. Lettuce
11. Onions
12. Parsnip
13. Peas
14. Peppers (Indoor Sow)
15. Radish
16. Rhubarb
17. Spinach
18. Swiss Chard
19. Tomato (Indoor Sow)
20. Turnips



10 May Stars

1.    Clematis
2.    Pagoda
3.     Kwanzan
4.     Flamingo
5.    Warminster
6.    Pendula       
7.   Liset
8.    J.S. Baker
9.    Apple Blossoms
10. Pulmonarias



                                   Trendy Tropicals

Every Tuesday we will be showcasing a tropical indoor/outdoor plant.  We will feature information how to care for the plant, specific needs, propogation techniques, where to find the plant, blooming seasons and more very specific information.  During this time we'll also have articles that will continue teaching about the wonderful gardening world.        


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